David Whitmoyer
Professional Rodeo Entertainer
 David Whitmoyer
Professional Rodeo Entertainer
 David Whitmoyer
Professional Rodeo Entertainer
 David Whitmoyer
Professional Rodeo Entertainer
 David Whitmoyer
Professional Rodeo Entertainer

About Me

Hello and welcome to one of rodeo's most rockin websites, home of "Danger" Dave Whitmoyer, Professional Rodeo Clown from Helena, Montana. Explore the site and enjoy the photos, videos, stories from the road, and even hunting trips from the Big Sky state of Montana!

Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to be a partner with Dow Agro Sciences as we go down the road representing now 4 of their products!!  GoldSky, PowerFlex, Quelex, and PerfectMatch!!  Check in with us for more information on the oustanding line of broadleaf weed killing products in your wheat crop or go to www.noweedsnoworries.com and let Dow guide you to what fits your operation best!  Thank you so much for what you guys do for us as we go down the road doing what we love!

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2017 Schedule

2017 Rodeo Schedule

January 7 Worlds Toughest Rodeo Raleigh, NC
January 10-14 First Frontier Circuit Finals Harrisburg, PA
January 27-28 Worlds Toughest Rodeo Moline, IL
February 3-4 Worlds Toughest Rodeo St. Paul, MN
February 10-11 Worlds Toughest Rodeo Cedar Rapids, IA
February 24-25 Baker Rough Stock Challenge Baker, MT
April 6-9 Montana State University Rodeo Bozeman, MT
May 12-13 Wenatchee PRCA Rodeo Wenatchee, WA
May 19-21 Gary Lefew Bullriding School Great Falls, MT
June 3 Dusty Gleicko PBR Great Falls, MT
June 25 Augusta American Legion Rodeo Augusta, MT
July 1-4 Belle Fourche PRCA Rodeo Belle Fourche, SD
July 9 Drummond PRCA Rodeo Drummond, MT
July 14-15 Newport Pro West Rodeo Newport, WA
August 4-5 Superior NRA Rodeo Superior, MT
August 12-13 Sioux Falls PRCA Rodeo Sioux Falls, SD
August 14-15 Aberdeen PRCA Rodeo Aberdeen, SD
August 19-20 Baker PRCA Rodeo Baker, MT
August 22-23 Miles City PRCA Rodeo Miles City, MT
August 25-26 Polson Native Days Rodeo Polson, MT
September 1-2 Monterey County Fair Bullride Monterey, CA
September 3 Fiesta Del Charo Monterey, CA
September 4 Extreme Rodeo Monterey, CA
September 22-23 Kern County Fair Rodeo Bakersfield, CA
September 24 Fiesta Del Charo Kern County Bakersfield, CA
September 29-30 Kern County PRCA Rodeo Balersfield, CA
October 1 Fiesta Del Charo Kern County Bakersfield, CA
October 13-14 Grand National PRCA Rodeo San Francisco, CA
October 20-21 Grand National PRCA Rodeo San Francisco, CA
November 6-11 Indian National Finals Rodeo Las Vegas, NV
December 1-2 EPB Finals Kalispell, MT


2017 Coast to Coast Tour

Yeah thats right, coast to coast, in one week!!  We just got done bringing in the new year with some of our friends in Oregon, worked a bullriding that night and was in bed by 12:02!!  Yes that is right, Kelly, my wife, and I are pretty tired these days since we welcomed Annabelle Sue Whitmoyer to our lives in October!  Kelly is an amazing mother and wife and she is doing an excellent job at raising our child!  We are all three on the road together now and having a great time spending so much quality time with one another, only in rodeo land can you take your entire family with you too work!  Love it!

So now we continue with the coast to coast tour on our way to Raleigh North Carolina to work the Worlds Toughest Rodeo wich will start us on a 6 week tour leading us back home.  We were fortunate to be selected to work the First Frontier Circuit Finals in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, ironically, Kellys and my fathers are both from PA and we both have grandparents and cousins that live there so it is a great trip for us and Annabelle to see family!  This makes our 2nd Circuit Finals in the two years that we have been elligable!  Its a great way to spend the winter working, thanks to the Three Hills Rodeo Company, First Frontier Circuit Finals Committee, our families who help us so much from feed to baby stuff and of course Dow Agro Sciences and your continued support of Danger Dave in and out of the arena!!
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